The Italian territory is marked by complex geology, morphology and hydrography. For this reason, hydrogeological instability is a primal issue to phenomena such as landslides and flooding. Within this context, the protection of existing infrastructures plays a significant role along with maintaining the operational continuity and promptly restoring the circulation after a forced traffic interruption.

The railway line Torino-Fossano-Savona is one of the most ancient and a major Italian railway that links the cities of Turin and Savona. In November 2019, the Ligurian area was subjected to a sequence of strong meteorological events that caused landslides and rockfalls. The railway line was interested in a series of landslides which involved ETS Srl (designer) and MICOS Spa (contractor of the works) in the operations of securing the line and the slopes. The line disruption required emergency interventions to restore railway circulation and guarantee the safety of the nearby structures.