Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 is a new era of industrialization, where Indonesia can further maximize the potential of Natural Resources (NR) and Human Resources (HR) owned. The halal industry is one of the most promising industries in the global market. The large Muslim population in Indonesia is a driving factor that creates great opportunities for the halal industry's growth to improve the national economy. In addition, Indonesia has successfully raised its ranking in the world halal market, ranging from the food sector, Islamic finance, cosmetics, medicines to halal tourism. This shows that Indonesia has great potential to be a major producer and player in the world halal market. Therefore, to realize this target, Indonesia needs to establish a halal industrial area. The concept of a halal industrial area is formed from an existing area. However, with adequate facilities and systems to produce halal products following the Halal Product Guarantee (HPG). The development of this area is intended so that the impact and benefits of the existence of the halal industry can be managed to the maximum with one management group so that it will be more efficient in its operations. Th e urgency of the halal industry area is to maximize the potential of the halal industry as well as the opportunity to become a major producer in the global halal market so as to increase national economy.