This study aimed to determine the effect of government support on entrepreneurs’ success in the context of MSEs in Surabaya. Many factors may encourage the success of entrepreneurs; one of which is government support. This explanatory study used a quantitative approach, and the primary data used in this research were collected using a questionnaire. The population of this study was MSEs registered with the Department of Commerce and Industry of Surabaya City within three industrial categories (culinary, fashion, and craft), comprising 263 MSEs in total. The census method was used to determine the population. The analysis was carried out using SEM (structural equation modeling) with IBM SPSS AMOS 20.0 software. The results show that the support of the Surabaya city government failed to encourage entrepreneurial success in MSEs, despite the implementation of its standard coaching program named “Pahlawan Ekonomi and Pejuang Muda.”