This article discusses based on a critical assessment of various literature to find concepts and discuss trends in halal tourism in Indonesia. The authors found several references, documents, and other relevant data derived from previous studies and personal observations to provide insight into the subject under study. The findings using ACES as basic evaluation indicators used in GMTI reveal that: (1) Halal tourism in an Islamic perspective is contained in QS. Ali Imran: 137, QS. Ar Ruum: 42, QS. An Nahl: 36, QS. Al An’am:11, QS. Al-Ankabut: 20, QS. Al An’am:11, QS. As Saba’:11 and reinforced by the hadith, (2) Indonesia occupies the top global position in communication and services. It is not included in the top ten in terms of Access and environment. Based on Indonesia Muslim Travel Index (IMTI) score 2018 and 2019, the regions of Lombok, Aceh, and Riau are in Indonesia's top three halal tourism destinations.