The construction industry has the highest number of workplace fatalities. The American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) requires construction management instructors to incorporate construction safety training into curricula. Research supports use of virtual reality (VR) in construction management safety training and has compared VR trainings. It noted that human factors, such as spatial presence capabilities, are missing from construction safety training research. To answer this research need, this article reviewed the literature and examined two VR used in trainings, examined through the lens of the theoretical framework of the Model of Spatial Presence (MSP), i.e. user consciously experiencing the sensation of presence based on a cognitive feeling and an unconscious process, measured using the pre-validated Measurements, Effects, Conditions-Spatial Presence Questionnaire (MEC-SPQ). This article shared methodologies for an instructor-developed construction management safety training and for comparing with an existing construction management training, with steps taken prior to the recommended data collection.