Recent natural and man-made disasters highlight that a more resilient approach to preparing for and dealing with such events is needed. To address this challenge, the main objective of the research and innovation H2020 project DARWIN is the development of European resilience management guidelines for Critical Infrastructures (CI). Based on a systematic literature survey with a world-wide scope and prioritization of resilience concepts, the guidelines have been developed taking into account everyday operations, contingency plans, training, etc. This paper describes insights gained from the adaptation of these guidelines in the domains of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Healthcare (HC). A collaborative and iterative process has been defined involving relevant experts and practitioners. To ensure transnational, cross-sector applicability and uptake, a Community of Crisis and Resilience Practitioners (DARWIN DCoP) has been involved. The preliminary results indicate that a big step has been taken in moving from the resilience theory to practice.