Zero-valent iron permeable reactive barrier (PRB) technology was identified as the preferred technology for remediating shallow groundwater discharging into a surface drain known as Springvale Drain. Several groundwater plumes have been identified originating from up to nine inferred source areas. The hydraulic and chemical properties of the groundwater at that location were confirmed by installing a large array of monitoring wells upgradient, cross-gradient, and downgradient of the proposed pilot-scale reactive iron barrier location. Groundwater modeling demonstrated that the intended iron had a suitable permeability relative to the aquifer material. John Vogan visited the site to supervise the construction. He also updated the Community Liaison Committee during a construction site visit on the status of PRBs for groundwater treatment. The environment protection authority eventually permitted Orica to remove plans for a full-scale reactive iron barrier from the Groundwater Cleanup Plan, which was replaced by a Groundwater Remediation and Management Plan in October 2009.