This chapter deals with the consequences of exercise-induced dehydration with emphasis on the cardiovascular system strain that appears during prolonged submaximal intensity exercise. It discusses the possible causes of Cardiovascular drift (CDV) drift and the potential impact on the adaptations sought when exercising to improve athletic performance or health. The chapter presents the studies in which at least HR, cardiac output, SV, and blood pressure are presented describing the response of the components of CDV drift. In a subsequent study, Rowell and coworkers monitored several cardiovascular responses to rapid changes in skin temperature during mild and intense exercise. While the consequences and alternatives to the occurrence of CDV drift during training for performance are analyzed by Wingo and coworkers, the occurrence of CDV drift in people that exercise to improve their fitness is not well established. CDV drift is the progressive change in the cardiovascular system that occurs during prolonged fixed-load aerobic submaximal exercise.