The Suyagada is the second oldest book of the Svetambara Jain canon. It has preserved in deliberately vague formulation doctrines of heterodox teachers in Mahavira’s times. A first English translation was made by Hermann Jacobi in 1895. The text is introduced by the Nijjutti which is not a proper commentary but an aide memoire for the teacher in a religious class and contains basic points to be treated. The first word commentary is the curni in Prakrit followed by the tika in Sanskrit. Silanka introduces the lecture with 17 Nijjutti stanzas, only the first four of which occur pratika-wise in Cu and are dealt with there. They commence with the niksepa of adda, the title of the lecture. Adda (‘wet’) can be looked upon as a designation, a figural representation, from a material and from a figurative point of view: the fourfold niksepa of adda does exist, no doubt (khalu).