Minor differences in Buddhist and Jaina classification of drstantabhasas testifies to a different role assigned to the example and the invariable concomitance in the proof formula. Anti-Buddhist illustrations provoked by Dharmakirti’s own sectarian anti-Jinistic bias. Mutatis mutandis the Buddha’s dispassionateness becomes subject to doubt, and subsequently the whole Buddhist teaching. Moreover, the main opponent for the Buddhist was Brahmanic tradition, whereas the Jainas had to protect their identity and distinctiveness not only against Brahmanic conversions but also against Buddhist influence. As it is well-known to the student of Buddhist thought, in Nyaya-bindu (NB) people come across Dharmakirti’s exposition of nine fallacies of the example based on similarity as well as the complementary ninefold division of the fallacy of the example based on dissimilarity. The chapter describes the portions that can be either reconstructed on the basis of NB or supplied from corresponding sections of Nyayavatara-vivrti.