Bisexual asylum seekers constitute a very low percentage of LGBT asylum seekers. While there is not enough data about the percentage of bisexual individuals among the LGBT populations of the countries from which of these asylum seekers come, some studies claim that the number of individuals who are attracted to more than one sex or gender is much higher than the number of gay and lesbian individuals in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Although human rights treaties and conventions claim to support all LGBT asylum seekers, in practice bisexual asylum seekers’ claims may be rejected more than those of lesbian, gay and trans asylum seekers. In this chapter, I review previous studies as well as theoretical discussions on asylum and sexual orientation to explain the un-tellability of plurisexual stories in the context of seeking asylum based on sexual orientation, and discuss how asylum seekers have to perform “refugee-ness” and “gayness” to fit within a dominant mononormative narrative.