In the introductory chapter, the editors of the volume provide an overview of the most important theoretical milestones in social-science-based spatial research to date. They show that although the premise of the social construction of spaces has been anchored there for a long time, the previous theoretical means of conceptualizing this premise still raise questions. In particular, aspects of communicative action in the construction of spaces have remained underexposed. This volume aims to fill the gap by presenting theoretical concepts as well as empirical analyses of the communicative construction and refiguration of spaces. This will be done primarily on the basis of communicative constructivism, a further development of social constructivism. In this context, processes of mediatization and digitalization will be particularly emphasized as, the authors argue, there is increasing evidence that mediatized and especially digitalized communicative action can lead to new modes of experience and action, new social processes, and thus also new constructions of space and, ultimately, a reconfiguration of spaces. The chapter introduces the concept of the volume as a whole as well as the individual contributions.