This chapter describes the revision of the Carnivore Management Plan for the Nordland region in northern Norway. The national government expected this revision to harmonize conflicting interests, expressed in a ‘double objective’ of safeguarding sustainable carnivore populations and maintaining local pastoralist livelihoods. ‘Clear zoning’ has been established as a basic management instrument to achieve national ‘population goals’ for carnivores. In the Nordland Regional Carnivore Committee, which includes political parties’ and Sami Parliament representatives, a majority opted for a revision that challenged this zoning principle. The Committee’s revised plan, submitted in early 2017, was first returned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment to the regional level with instructions to comply with ‘clear zoning’. In summer 2018, it was finally overrun by the Ministry. We describe three successive acts in this revision process, analysed as a ‘discursive field’ where local actors, especially pastoralists’ representatives, seek to articulate relevant views on the nature of the problem and the rules defining what counts as evidence and valid knowledge in carnivore management.