The chapter discusses the results of an online Delphi-method-based survey regarding the linkages between immigration and integration policies in eight EU member states (Czechia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden). It presents statements of almost 80 policy-makers, researchers and members of NGOs on current and desirable links between the two policies along with their forecasts for the development of these policies in the next few years. The study conducted in 2017–2018 revealed that perceptions of the current and future development of relations between immigration and integration policies were not specifically dependent on the participants’ state affiliation or their field of expertise. Despite the experts agreed that the favourable relationship between these two policies should have been founded on their interdependence (both policies should be part of the joint decision-making process), the vast majority of them indicated that the current relationship was marked by the dependence of integration activities on directions for the implementation of migration admission policy. The chapter is also an attempt to answer the question why one cannot expect major changes in particular European states’ responses to migration and why immigration policy will maintain its dominance over integration policy in the next years.