The chapter approaches autoethnographic drawing as a method and methodology from postdiciplinary and post-structuralist perspectives. A drawn autoethnography about drawings relationships, Drawing + drawer + drawing, emerges. Drawing as an inseparable part of all the stages and iterations of the visual autoethnographic research process becomes an attempt towards a new methodological approach. Ethical questions of autoethnographic agency arise when the drawing resist being a simplified method and a research object: instead the Drawing exists on its own terms as an active entity. The outlining of this study is a visual, artistic, and creative research on how autoethnographic knowledge and understanding(s) can be produced in the process(es) of drawing. Autoethnographic and as well scholarly drawing challenges the role of visual(s) in research and the text-based formats of academic publications. The process of line-making overcomes the contradictions and dichotomies between image and text, offering opportunities for overpassing the limitations of current methods.