The two manuscripts which form the object of this study belong, at least partially, to the category of iatrosophia, namely book collections of medical recipes taken from classical and Byzantine medical treatises, updated by new medical knowledge and new medical substances, and enriched with folk medicine. MS.4103 contains a combination of iatrosophia (medical formularies), incantations, prediction/divination methods, brontologia, seismologia, oneirokritika, and other astrological texts. Iatrosophia with northern vocalism are hitherto unknown before the late eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century. The vocabulary of MS.4103 is of mixed provenance, and belongs to different registers. The bulk of the lexical material is common to all varieties of Greek, but one may additionally distinguish loanwords from various languages, and Greek words of a regional/dialectal character. The manuscript contains a rich variety of healing incantations/charms. Most belong to types known from diverse sources, among others collections of iatrosophia.