The manuscript Wellcomensis MS.498 preserves a series of seven previously unexplored epigrams of Manuel Korinthios on the Virgin Mary, Christ and the vanity of life on folios 23r–24v. His iambic poems are mostly addressed to the Virgin Mary and contain several common Marian metaphors (e.g. house, temple, throne of Christ), which highlight the Theotokos’ role as container and bearer of the incarnate Christ. Since Korinthios’ hand can be identified in manuscripts and he was well versed in composing poems in different metres, one may wonder if he is indeed the author of the astrological poem. The didactic tone of the astrological poem, as well as the fact that, as a patriarchal official, Korinthios could easily have had access to Meliteniotes’ writings, supports the hypothesis that he might have composed it. To sum up, most of the epigrams are theological and at the same time encomiastic, highlighting Mary’s miraculous conception and the Incarnation of Christ.