The operation of the four Greek colleges should be examined in the context of the Counter-Reformation movement and the political position of Venice. The control of the papal authorities over the career prospects and religious beliefs of the Orthodox students at the College of Saint Athanasios began increasing after 1622 and thus many of them were forced to abandon the college. The study of the Aristotelian corpus does not altogether correspond to the scheme proposed by Schmitt due to the peculiar social and academic situation of the Greeks within the Ottoman Empire. Despite there having been hardly any research into the exact content of the philosophical syllabus before Korydalleus, it seems that parts of the Aristotelian corpus, in particular the Organon, began to be taught around the middle of the sixteenth century. Nonetheless, most of the Greek ‘freshmen’ had no knowledge whatsoever of Latin and the restrictions on the use of their mother language did not apply to senior student.