This chapter focuses on vigilantism against migrants and minorities in Greece. Specifically, it examines various dimensions of the vigilante activities mainly of the Golden Dawn, a party that frequently uses violence, engages in street politics, has a strong focus on community-based activities, and whose members perceive themselves as ‘street soldiers’, but also of some minor vigilante groups such as Cryptheia and C18. Since 2013 a number of Golden Dawn’s leading cadres, who are also members of the Greek parliament, have been undergoing trial for maintaining a criminal organization and other criminal acts including murder and grievous bodily harm. The progressive entrenchment of this group in the Greek political system has raised a number of questions about its potential implications on the nature of democracy and policy-making. Following a brief overview of the Greek socio-political context, the chapter proceeds to examine the party’s ideology, its organizational structure, its various operations, communications activities and relationships with other political actors and groups in Greece.