In this chapter, we discuss how recent transformations and their ensuing conflicts, crises and uncertainties affect the relationship between humans and spaces, their spatial practices, and the means they use to negotiate and construct spatial orders. Space is the medium in which the transformation of society is taking place. We substantiate the claim that a common pattern can be discerned in these transformations and conflicts, which we designate “refiguration.” First, we underscore the spatial dimension of the current spatial transformation in society. We refer to this type of social change of space as refiguration. The notion of refiguration is deemed to substitute the allegedly linear process and progress of globalization and the conflictual dynamic between the various underlying poles. Second, we specify what role mediatization has had hitherto within this process of refiguration. In particular, we ask if and how deep mediatization makes it possible to grasp the spatial effects of digitalization on society. In the final section of this chapter, we address how new forms of spaces arise and what role mobility, circulation, and displacement play in this process.