While artificial intelligence (AI) is not yet widespread in education, there are two positions that are being adopted in reference to already existing and speculative applications of AI in different areas of education. The first is that AI will intensify, complement, and supplement already existing practices and processes in education. The second position is that AI is predicted to bring substantive disruptions to educational processes and practices. This chapter contributes to this discussion by examining the introduction of AI into education through the framework of disruption and intensification. The chapter looks at the ways education could be disrupted in relation to: (1) the provision of education, including who will offer education, how it will be offered, and revenue implications; (2) the challenge of AI to the role of platforms and standards; and (3) the challenges to educational knowledge and expertise. We examine intensification in relation to: (1) the idea that organization of education is pre-automated and (2) that datafication and data infrastructures enable conditions for introducing automation. This chapter concludes that like other areas of social and political life, decisions about the uses of AI in education need to be enlarged beyond considerations of what is technically possible.