This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book analyzes some of the peculiarities of climate change journalism by studying three media collectives with participants from France that each share the goal of elevating issues of climate change across French media. It examines the complexities of generational time in journalistic mediations of climate change by examining TIME cover stories that spotlight Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg. The book investigates how the mediated interactions between important stakeholders have evolved over time and what this can tell us about the broader mediation of climate change. It looks at finality in a different way, namely by investigating how various types of journalism relate to what is called “Last Chance” travel journalism. The book also looks at how Christian temporalities merge and clash with a national identity originally based on resource excavation and how this exposes contradictory stances toward climate change in Canada.