After video of George Floyd’s 2020 killing went viral, the Black Opera Alliance (BOA) emerged in July 2020 to ‘empower Black classical artists and administrators by exposing systems of racial inequity and under-representation of the African diaspora in all facets of the industry and challenging institutions to implement drastic reform’. In just its first year, BOA has compelled an unparalleled commitment to racial equity in opera through its A Pledge for Racial Equity and Systemic Change in Opera and Letter to the Opera Field from Black Administrators. This chapter investigates the ways in which Black activism might encourage the manifestation of antiracism and creative justice in opera. Undoubtedly, the BOA’s activism will lead to the manifestation of antiracism and creative justice in opera, but only if the opera industry joins Black professionals and commits to following their leadership on addressing the issue of anti-Black racism. In addition to arguing that the phenomenon of Black activism in opera is a case study in power, this chapter offers suggestions for framing opera’s path towards antiracism and creative justice. Lastly, this chapter contends that Black activism inspires activism among other marginalised, oppressed and subjugated groups in US society.