In this introductory chapter, Arnout Geeraert explains that this book engages in critical reflection on good governance in sport in two ways. First, it seeks to outline and critically reflect on key theoretical perspectives that lead to different conceptualisations and prescriptions of governance. Second, it aims to question and challenge different practical strategies that have been employed to achieve the implementation of good governance principles in sport organisations. In doing so, it aims to take the first steps to address two broad yet fundamental questions in a systemic manner. First, what constitutes good governance in sport and what are the instrumental and moral justifications for implementing it? Second, what are the challenges, dilemmas and risks associated with both inducing and guiding the implementation of good governance in sport and implementing specific practices in sport organisations? The chapter concludes by summarising the contributions to this book, which consist of critical reflections on theoretical perspectives on good governance in sport (Part I) as well as on current good governance policies (Part II).