This chapter analyzes the factors to influence the increased competitiveness of Chinese PV industry in the 2010s. There have not been many prior studies analyzing from industry perspectives, and most of them concentrate on the situation in the early 2010s. Chinese PV companies faced two incidents to lose major markets in the 2010s: the anti-dumping measures on Chinese PV by the EU and the United States in 2011, and the replacement of the FiT with competitive pricing in 2018. The former incident made the growth model of Chinese PV industry change from export driven to domestic market driven. Under domestic market driven model, Chinese PV industry has established a genuine competitive advantage through fierce competition among Chinese PV companies, completed whole value chain in-house, and built up innovation capability to lead the development of cutting-edge technologies. As a result, Chinese PV companies occupy world major companies’ rankings in 2019. Facing the latter incident, Chinese PV companies turn to increase exports again. Now that Chinese PV companies have overwhelming price competitiveness by building huge PERC PV factories, restricting imports of Chinese PV will only result in increasing the cost of solar power system. There is no other way but to adopt Chinese-made PV to achieve climate targets in a cost-effective manner.