Radicle Civics aims to explore alternative approaches for organising the future, focusing on pathways which encourage distributed agency and participation from a super-diverse public to challenge concentrations of power and responsibility. We’re extending an invitation to experiment, and partake in conversations which question and reimagine the assumptions underpinning accounting, money formation, agreements, registries, identity systems, laws or institutions; to collaborate on propositional and positive visions for the future.

As we seek to nurture the emerging shoots and infrastructural roots of our future societies, expanding the horizon of both the possible and necessary, we must recognise that we exist in an unbounded world inhabited by diverse autonomous agents, be they humans, future humans and non-humans—trees, rivers, mountains.

This future invites us all to unconstitute and reconstitute society, embracing emerging possibilities to build a new practice of civic infrastructures; enabling all beings to thrive in a safe and just space.