Urban Indigenous Peoples across Canada are working to decolonize and reclaim cities and public spaces to imagine and self-determine the worlds they want to live within. Civic institutions can make cities more inclusive of Indigenous models and practices through genuine forms of community-engaged planning and co-design; creating synergy between the cultural values, protocols, and technologies that have sustained Indigenous societies for thousands of years, and contemporary forms of social and technological innovation. Seven generation cities have the potential to be grounded in: sacred energy and intention; (re)generative economies and innovations; natural and humane forms of lawing; matriarchal and collaborative governance; interconnected landscapes and systems; caring and vital communities; diversity and wellbeing of all communities; and accountability to the lands, Ancestors, and generations yet to come. Being conscious and responsible city builders is good medicine for urban communities, ecologies, and public spaces, and lays a spiritual foundation for seven generation cities.