Critical quantitative research questions models, measures, and other technical aspects of quantitative research and leverages quantitative methods to reveal systemic inequities and the perpetuation of deficit discourses. Critical researchers also trace the origins of contemporary research practices and conventions, challenging the status quo to bring about greater equity and social justice. Currently, few researchers who work with international students approach their work from an explicitly critical perspective. This chapter outlines how researchers who work with international students can utilize critical quantitative approaches. The first part of this chapter introduces critical quantitative research and briefly reviews the lingering influences of positivism and operationalism. Then, drawing upon Critical Race Theory, this chapter outlines well-established approaches for conducting critical quantitative research and how researchers might apply the five principles of QuantCrit to their research with international students. It is imperative that researchers who work with international students aspire to the principles of critical inquiry to produce research that thoughtfully contests dominant discourses and practices to create a more just society.