Diversifying assessment in higher education appears to be a logical step to supporting inclusive assessment for diverse student cohorts. Diversification can be taken a step further by allowing all students, within a module, to have a choice between two or more assessment methods. This allows learners to play to their strengths. However, it is not without its challenges. The chapter initially explores the research on developing equity between the choices given. Staff and students expect the choices to be relatively equal in relation to workload, feedback, teaching approaches, and opportunity to succeed. The use of an equity template is presented as part of the solution to this challenge. Equity of outcomes and staff's fear of grade inflation, when using this approach, are also explored. Next, the chapter highlights some of the reasons that choice of assessment is not used more widely, recommending that institutional policies resource staff in rolling out this approach. Examples of how it has been implemented in practice are also needed. The final section presents the author's seven-step process on how to design, implement, and evaluate this approach in practice.