For the sake of clarity, it can be stated that Kuwaiti Civil Law follows the civil manner of the French legal system, and according to Article 2 of the Constitution of Kuwait, the state religion is Islam, and Islamic sharia is a major source of legislation. The explanatory memorandum of Law 35 of 2013 for the approval of the accession of the State of Kuwait to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) included reservations as it affirmed that this convention would achieve the interests of the State of Kuwait and would not come into conflict with its Arab and international principles, which had thus far shaped the Kuwaiti legal system. The Kuwaiti Civil Law relating to competence is a flexible system that contains a high degree of protection and self-independence for persons; therefore, this system has not witnessed any changes relating to the law after the ratification of the CRPD.