The United Nations General Assembly (hereinafter UNGA) – in the consensus procedure (that is, ‘without vote’) – passed Resolution 61/106 under which the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (hereinafter CRPD), with Additional Protocol was adopted.5 The CRPD and the Protocol constitute an integral part of the Resolution and, from this perspective, can be recognised as secondary legislation passed by the UN, UN acquis. The UNGA did not stop with passing the Resolution and called on the states to become bound by ‘the Convention and Protocol’ by ‘signature and ratification’. The CRPD is the first universal treaty of international human rights adopted in the 21st century. The CRPD (with the Additional Protocol) is the Resolution of the UNGA and the international treaty. The analysed international text includes normative contents, which is not the rule in the case of resolutions of the UNGA.