The publication in 2010 of Book II of the Catalan Civil Code on persons and the family makes it necessary to consider the application of Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on Persons with Disabilities to Catalan substantive law. During the 19th century, when codification was undertaken in Spain, an attempt was made to enact appendices to the Spanish Civil Code that included the so-called historical and foral rights In the Catalan sphere, the work of the jurisconsult Manuel Duran i Bas stands out. He wrote a report on the institutions of the Civil Law of Catalonia, a document that is still currently used as a plea for the Catalan legal system. Since 2018, the Persons and Family Section of the Codification Commission of Catalonia has undertaken the task of reviewing Catalan civil legislation with the aim of updating it fully with the principles and the new concept of a legal capacity.