The Nordics continue to impress progressive Americans with their strong dialogue-oriented unions and a value-charged narrative of social solidarity. The remarkable success and popularity of Bernie Sanders in the US, and the strong affinity with his ideas among many Norwegians, encourage cooperation and mutual learning between the nations, which can result in greater investment in cooperative enterprises transnationally. The project is urgent in view of the fact that Norway, with its trillion-dollar sovereign fund – the largest in the world – is in a position where it may be unable to halt growing inequality and global competition, predicated on free markets and profits, in favour of social justice and solidarity.

In these final reflections, we present an overview of the American public response to the Nordic model, as well as sketching a proactive approach to developing and building a transnational alliance between Norwegian and US labour unions, something that has been a work in progress, initiated by one of the authors of this afterword.