This chapter proposes a typology of gendered pipelines that provides a multi-level, multi-dimensional and comparative analytical framework of leaky pipelines and interrelated phenomena across six European countries (Belgium, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Switzerland) and research institutions. In line with previous studies, we intend to establish that women’s moving away or being distanced from scientific or academic paths leading to higher positions does not happen that easily; a composite view of causes and effects on the “leaky pipeline” is needed. Whereas the data collected in various national and organisational contexts focusing on the disappearance of women while climbing the career ladder provides us with a rich and comparative approach enlarging the research perspective on “gendered pipelines”, what we propose is a typology of “gendered pipelines”. This allows us to identify a range of costs of gendered pipelines on three entity levels (Science/Institution/Individual) as well as three ideal-typical “career paths, organisations and experiences”, which have been variously gender-impacted.