Developing better teacher resilience and wellbeing is a priority in many global contexts. In an attempt to address teachers' need to achieve cognitive and emotional consonance, this chapter presents findings from a project that induced metacognition through blogging. Contingent on the notion that emotion directs our attention to meaningful events, an idea mooted by the English Romantic poet Wordsworth, whose poetry arose out of "emotion recollected in tranquillity", a free blogging activity was designed for pre-service teachers. This allowed them to write about anything their attention was drawn to and, as demonstrated in the two cases of Nikhil and Daniela presented in the chapter, this tended to be the emotional events or moments they needed to make sense of. Blogging allowed both teachers, in different ways, to process and derive meaning from those moments, when no longer as emotionally engaged with them, and so to achieve consonance. The blog served, therefore, as a metacognitive tool to construct an overarching narrative of progress in teaching and in the development of a professional identity.