This chapter discusses the nuance this story further with the experiences Nicoline has had in developing gender work within the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), specifically through her work with International Livestock Research Institute. Despite this tacit mooring, vaccine production is usually considered a form of neutral, disembodied knowledge until the gender expert, the interlocutor, manufactures an encounter that starts to tie it in with 'what makes sense to women' or what could potentially empower them. International research institutes in agriculture such as the centers within the CGIAR have historically aimed to produce good science to increase food productivity globally and have re-framed their contemporary goals along the lines of increasing food security and sustainability. Popular imagination has persistently retained the oppositional character of feminism and more notably its focus on binary gender relations, splitting roles, interests and actions between women and men, and focusing on recalibrating, evening up between men and women.