This chapter explores the evolution of gender equality as a core principle in Sida’s partner relations, the unexpected and counter-intuitive experiences of gender mainstreaming of some of Sida’s environment and development professionals, and how and whether Sida is conscious of the troubles that gender experts face and experience as they work in technical and environment settings in some partner organisations that Sida supports. Maria van Berlekom, head of Sida´s Unit for Global Cooperation on Environment and Eva Johanssen, Senior Gender Adviser of Sida further tell us how the principles and practices of gender equality and environmental mainstreaming are deeply entrenched in their operations. Maria points out that Sida’s work employs five cross-cutting perspectives that intersect their funding portfolios: poverty alleviation; human rights; conflict; environment and climate change; gender equality. Orawan also tells us that five-year program agreements with Sida require that the partner organisation employ a gender expert.