The reclaiming systems for types of silos are similar to those used in outdoors storage, that is, draglines, scraper reclaimers, bucket wheel reclaimers, and so on. The vessels used for confined storage of particulate solids are generally known as bins or silos. Difficulties of flow in particulate systems, when needed to be recovered from confined storage, is a well-known operative problem and diverse industries such as mining, chemical, and food industry have invested considerable time and money over the years trying to overcome such situation. In some other cases, the storage capacity would not involve large tonnages and, therefore, confined storage would be an obvious choice. Larger hopper openings are required than for the equivalent coarse bulk solids and, sometimes, air permeation is needed to bias the pore pressure in the hopper in order to assist the discharge. Excessive wear may occur in pipe bends of pneumatic conveying systems and at the discharge points of belt conveyors.