The outcome of all this mythologising was the modern conception of the entrepreneur. In contemporary society where change is ever-present, the entrepreneur is the hero. The entrepreneur is the maker of rules and the breaker of rules; it is he or she or it who destroys the old and creates the new thereby making the future possible.1 As we have seen, in previous times such extraordinary qualities were more often associated with gods or demiurges than with human beings. Today, however, divine forces are no longer actively intervening into the world and human beings are left to their own devices. Today society is understood as an artefact that human beings have made and which they for that reason are uniquely qualified to change.2 Considering ourselves independent of the social, cultural and natural contexts that determine us, we take ourselves to be free to settle our own fates. No longer acted upon, human beings become actors who can change the world in accordance with their own wishes. Abandoned by the gods, we are now our own star demons and our own demiurges.