Chapter 6 explores what might happen in the during-task and post-task phases of a task-based lesson. Specifically, the chapter focuses on the thorny issue of grammar, making grammar instruction a central theme of this chapter. The chapter begins by presenting two models for a grammar focus in L2 pedagogy: Long’s triadic model of forms/meaning/form, and the complementary triadic model of non-interface/interface/weak interface. The chapter goes on to argue for integrated or meaning-embedded grammar instruction when it comes to developing communicative proficiency that is both accurate and fluent. It then explores the kinds of feedback that learners might receive as a consequence of task performance, either from each other or from the teacher, and both during-task and post-task. The chapter also considers consciousness-raising (C-R) tasks as vehicles for objective focus on grammatical form. The chapter concludes that L2 learners require both implicit and explicit attention to form and speculates on some of the challenges this brings for TBLT.