Chapter 8 considers more broadly how evidence can be gathered about how TBLT in practice is working. The chapter considers both micro-evaluation, which looks at how (and how effectively) teachers implement specific tasks in their own classrooms, and macro-evaluation, which investigates the effectiveness of whole courses or programmes. Building on the argument that the micro-level of the individual classroom is the level at which the success (or otherwise) of TBLT really takes place, and that micro-evaluation will help in determining how teachers working within their own local contexts make (or do not make) TBLT work, the chapter first considers the different ways in which teachers might undertake their own micro-evaluations in an effective way. The chapter then revisits the short accounts of contexts of TBLT introduction outlined in Chapter 4 and presents several issues that have arisen from macro-evaluations of these contexts. These help to shed some light on the extent to which TBLT has or has not worked, or could be made to work better, in specific contexts. Implications are drawn for the wider TBLT endeavour.