This chapter introduces readers to the process of actively interpreting popular culture, including: (1) the creation of a media text; (2) its aesthetic, narrative, material, and thematic elements; (3) audience's engagement with and interpretation of it; and (4) the broader social and cultural context of which it is a part. The first section demonstrates this process through an integration of concepts from traditions such as cultural studies, political economy of communication, aesthetic theory, narratology, and media ecology. It also draws upon examples from pop culture including Roald Dahl's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, hip-hop music, and Spider-Man. The second section uses these concepts in an analysis of the work of Donald Glover, specifically in the production of the television series Atlanta, the audience-generated #donald4spiderman online campaign, and the depiction of issues of race and violence in the song and music video “This is America.” The third section introduces an activity called Glitch Art, in which participants use a glitch aesthetic to modify an existing image. The activity encourages participants to experiment with a new creative process while also reflecting on how media texts are made and interpreted.