This chapter brings together several different scholarships that have discussed extractivisms and existences from various angles and agendas. This chapter tackles a synthetizing review of these literatures, including their varied disciplinary approaches, levels of analysis, and premises for the different ways of addressing (and sometime not addressing) the interlinked issues of existences and extractivism. Through this review, separate strands of literature are united, e.g., the Political Ontological, anthropological, and Indigenous discussions are brought into conversation with studies that examine the political economy and larger processes at the world systemic level. This chapter uncovers and illustrates the coherence of several seemingly distinct and disparate spheres of thinking. The focus on existences follows a recent tendency in several scientific fields. A thorough analysis is provided on new studies that are useful to focus research and thinking around being, existences, and the meaning this has for broader scholarship and developmental policies. The continued development of a literature that focuses on being and societal transformations, especially how these are tied to everything that exists, serves the vital and positive function of highlighting the importance of life and existences. In the study of extractivisms, it is essential to focus more attention on extinctions and existences, understanding these as the relations, diversity, entanglements, and spectrums of life.