This chapter centres on Valley Gardens, Brighton. The transformation of Brighton from a fishing village to a fashionable seaside resort impacted upon Valley Gardens. Originally a drainage channel from the Downs, the surrounding grassland of which was used by locals to dry fishing nets and for agricultural activity, the area was transformed into a promenading ground for local and visiting elites. At the same time, development to the east of the valley transformed it from open space on the edge of town to green space at its heart, with further development dividing up the valley and introducing a complex road network. These features have impacted on the space and its meaning for local residents, with only limited community identification and engagement. The year 2018 saw the launch of a multimillion pound regeneration project designed to open up the space and re-engage users. It is hoped that this will make Valley Gardens a more inviting space, improving its biodiversity and environmental impact while also recapturing its history as a place of public gathering and protest.