The London Borough of Newham was one of the UK regions with high teenage pregnancy rates. The Teenage Pregnancy Strategy Committee (TPSC), responsible for Newham, was team tasked with making the strategic decisions to achieve a reduction in pregnancy rates. With the aim of finding a portfolio of projects which would produce the highest value in relation to its aims, the TPSC agreed to a two-phased approach. The first phase, problem structuring, was described in Chapter 9. The second phase would compare projects to TPSC aims and choose a portfolio. The first workshop resulted in a draft value tree, but participants had not come to an agreement on a set of value criteria or on a set of options. Before the second meeting, the facilitator and project sponsor defined a set of value criteria. In the workshop, participants generated options, checked and refined criteria, and scored options on criteria. The intervention helped participants to find a shared language for discussing the issue and developing shared meanings. As some discussions had to be cut short, there was no definite consensus on the choice for the full portfolio.