Sioo is a Dutch professional education institute that offers learning trajectories around organisational issues. Its clients are managers and professionals who seek to build their understanding and skills of organisational change. Sioo has a staff of 17 and collaborates with over 200 lecturers active in change management in practice, academia, or a combination. After taking over as the new rector, Jesse Segers initiated a joint exploration process with all members of staff to explore Sioo’s service proposition and changes the market. Two group model building sessions were held to this end. A model was built that explained Sioo’s growth potential in four reinforcing loops, showing how reputation and quality of interaction between stakeholders foster learning, increase sales and thereby boost reputation further. One balancing loop shows the limits to Sioo’s market. On the basis of the model, participants identified actions for the future. These included, for instance, to increase marketing capacity. In subsequent years, revenues of Sioo increased, a marketing person was hired and the new situation was again analysed using group model building.