Vladimir Pimenov developed his chapter on Veps further and a year later he published a book on Veps which is still considered "the best book written on Veps" among scholars at the Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk. Representing groups and nations can be problematic, especially in a post-Soviet territory. Language and political activists, members of the various nationalities and scholars informally discuss the origin of Saami, Karelians, and Veps. Christianity had reached Rus' in 988 with the conversion of Prince Vladimir. In 1478, Moscow became the capital of Russia. In the sixteenth century, contentions between Sweden and Russia grew. alin introduced farm collectivization in 1929. Specifically, Stalin introduced into the village life the kolkhozy, or cooperative farm organizations, and the sovkhozy, or state farms, which all peasants had to join. The language of two contemporary Karelian groups, the Ludes and the Olonets-Karelians, maintains elements from the Vepsian language.