This chapter elaborates the topics in the context of Vepsian education and the Vepsian revival movement. Vepsian education was introduced into the mainstream education system for the first time during korenizatsiya. During author's fieldwork in the Republic of Karelia in 2010, Vepsian was taught at the primary and secondary school E. Lönnrot, at Petrozavodsk State University and in voluntarily run courses at the Centre for National Cultures in Petrozavodsk. The Finno-Ugric primary and secondary school E. Lönnrot is situated on Herzen Street in the center of Petrozavodsk. In 2010–2011, Vepsian tertiary education was administered by the Baltic-Finnish and Finno-Ugric Faculty at Petrozavodsk State University (also referred to as PetrGU) and the Pedagogical Academy. Kostya Mironov was often depicted by his classmates as the best student in Vepsian. Many claim that this was due to the fact that he spoke Vepsian with his babushka at home.