Part 3 introduces success in university studies from the teachers’ viewpoint. It continues the theme from the Introduction by explaining how the approach of caring teacherhood may enhance both students’ study success and teachers’ well-being. The first chapter discusses the elements of caring teacherhood in general. The second chapter focuses on practices of well-structured, positive teaching a part of caring teacherhood. In addition, we take a look at online teaching and teachers’ opportunities to create a positive and caring online teaching environment. The third chapter introduces the resources of supervision of master’s and PhD theses by focusing on the description of the nodes and strides of successful supervision. How can supervisors provide critical but encouraging feedback during the supervision process, and how to support students with diverging motivation to complete their theses successfully? Among others, these will be the questions this part answers. Finally, the part points out the invaluable resource of teachers’ and professors’ collaboration, caring atmosphere, and mutual support that make up the cornerstone of a healthy academic community with high levels of well-being – and that reflects on the students’ well-being as well.