This chapter investigates the Honey Bee Network (HBN) from a historical and comparative perspective. It outlines the context and background of the network going back over thirty years to the mid-1980s. The chapter then investigates the framings of grassroots innovation adopted by the network, the spaces and strategies adopted and occupied in order to further its goals and the ways in which the network's promotion of grassroots innovation has enabled the construction of pathways to sustainability and social justice. The HBN has been using the frame of celebrating cultural knowledge and creativity and has been linking the frame of cultural creativity and educational innovations so as to recognize the value of biodiversity during Shodh Yatras. The use of micro-venture capital for the purpose of business development is an important HBN strategy. The Grassroots Technological Innovation Acquisition Fund, established as recently as 2011, acquires rights to technologies from the innovators for the purpose of generating public goods.